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Adoptable LAPP Dogs

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Bruno is a sweet, social 1.5 year old mixed breed pup that weighs 62 lbs. He is the perfect mix of active and laid back so he is always up to join in on fun adventures, but is also perfectly content cuddling up on the couch for a lazy day. His playful, social butterfly demeanor allows him to make both human and dog friends everywhere he goes, and he loves everyone he meets right away. He is very polite when meeting new friends and waits patiently for an invitation to get some cuddles before he melts into your chest for a hug. He is affectionate and never turns down a chance to cuddle, but he won't overwhelm you by smothering you with unwanted affection (i.e. licks to the face). He does appreciate a nice belly rub while lying next to his human on the couch and will never turn down a chance to get some back scratches. He really is just happy being with his humans wherever they want to be - whether it's hanging out at home or going on fun outdoor adventures like hiking or exploring nature trails, Bruno is always up to join. His playful spirit and zest for life are evident in every activity he undertakes, bringing endless joy and excitement to everyone's lives that he interacts with.

Bruno is medium energy, so he will need a couple of short exercise sessions per day such as playing fetch in the backyard or leisurely walking on nature trails. On the weekends, he would love to go on longer hikes or to have some puppy play dates with doggy friends. He is pretty laid back when just hanging out around the house, but he is always up for engaging in exciting activities like going on hikes exploring nature. He loves to follow his human whenever he is outside in a new environment, so he is the perfect pup to take on those more intense hiking trails where you may need to drop the leash for a bit because he will stay by your side. Once he is done with his exercise sessions, he loves to cuddle and snore away on the couch or nap on his favorite dog bed. When he's not curled up on the couch with his human for snuggle time or sunbathing on the patio, he is playing with his toys or the other dogs in his foster home. His spunky personality shines through in everything he does, especially when he is playing fetch or tug-o-war with his toys. He easily winds down for his naps, but the minute you tell him you're ready to go on another adventure, he's up and ready to join you wherever you want to take him. He would love to have a big toy box full of dog toys in his forever home, and this is a great way to keep him busy when you're working from home. He loves to play with all types of toys, like tennis balls, puzzle toys, stuffed animals, and loves to have many to choose from while playing. He really loves to be outdoors exploring nature, so if you're looking for the perfect hiking or running partner that doesn't need a tight leash while exploring, Bruno is the perfect pup for you.

Bruno is dog and kid friendly, and has ignored neighborhood cats outside he encounters, but has not yet been introduced to cats inside the home. When it comes to humans, he loves them all. He is very gentle when it comes to taking treats and will even sit pretty while he waits patiently to be rewarded a yummy doggy cookie. He adores the 5 year old human kid in his foster home, and loves to follow her around and sneak in cuddles every chance he gets. He is very calm with children and takes treats very gently, and doesn't ever jump on them (even when he's super excited). His sweet, silly temperament would be perfect for a family with kids of all ages, and he would love to have little humans to play and cuddle with. The more human hands to give him belly rubs, the better. He is quite sociable and loves dogs of all ages, sizes, and both sexes. He really enjoys interacting with all dogs and finds every chance to cuddle up next to the dogs in his foster home. He knows how to show off his silly, playful personality to win them over without being overly annoying and overwhelming to dogs who prefer to have personal space. When it comes to engaging with other playful dogs, he will match their play style and is always gentle with ones that are smaller than him. He likes to remain respectful of dominant male dogs' boundaries when he encounters them, and is very submissive in his greetings. He rolls over on his back and lets them investigate him first, then waits to read their body language before he decides to initiate play or not. He thrives on socialization and play, making him the perfect companion for adventures in the park or play dates with other dogs. He did not mind cats he's seen outside on his walks, but it is recommended to do slow introductions with cats inside the home and to always introduce with a baby gate between them first.

Bruno is potty trained, leash trained, and kennel trained. He sleeps in a kennel every night with no fuss, but he would love to sleep either with his human or on a dog bed next to his human's bed every night. He is not destructive when left out of the kennel and would be perfectly fine being left out while his humans are asleep at night. He is a true gentleman on a leash and loves to go on walks so that he can explore the outdoors. He loves to stop and sniff on his walks, and will observe things around him, but he will remain focused on walking if his human continues on. He doesn't particularly enjoy car rides, but he is happy to go along for a ride because he knows once he gets to a new destination, he will get to have some fun. He does great meeting new people out on walks, too. He loves to say hello and will patiently sit and wait for them to come to give him a pet on the head or a scratch behind the ear. His ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard that he can run around and play in, and if there are human kiddos for him to play with, too, then that's a major plus. He would also do well in an apartment, condo or townhouse as long as he gets to go on a few walks per day and has some space to play outside. He would be fine being the only dog in the home as long as he gets plenty of outside playtime and exercise, and would love to have the occasional puppy play date since he loves his doggy friends, too.

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Thalia is a laid back, low energy 4 year old Lab / Shepherd mix that weighs 70 lbs. This sweet girl is considered a "momma hen" in her foster home as she loves to spend time with her humans and watches over the little human kiddos as they play. She is laid back and low key, and enjoys just sitting back to oversee everything going on around her. When the human kids play in the backyard, you can usually find Thalia hanging out on the back porch just observing or following them around making sure they are staying out of trouble. She is sweet, affectionate and loves kisses. She is respectful of boundaries and will wait for her human to initiate the affection first, so that means no unexpected doggy licks to the face. When she is getting affection from her human, she just melts into their body and accepts all the ear scratches, back rubs, and hugs that are offered. She is very gentle and calm with the three younger human kids in her foster home. They love to hug her and give her kisses, and she just calmly sits and allows them to shower her with affection. She is also very patient with the young foster puppies and shows them the ropes of being a good dog.

Thalia is low to medium energy, so she has short spurts of energy that are easily burned with brief exercise activities. She enjoys running around the backyard playing fetch with tennis balls and occasionally will play tug-o-war with the resident dogs in her foster home. For the most part though, she really enjoys just lounging around sunbathing, snooting around the yard smelling all the smells, and relaxing on a dog bed in the living room while she observes her foster family piddle around the house. She's not a big fan of going on long walks and would much prefer to just spend time hanging out with her humans in the yard and playing a game of fetch for her daily exercise sessions. Her ideal family would have a low energy, laid back lifestyle, and enjoy doing leisurely activities and hobbies that she can just hang out nearby them and watch as they work. If you love to spend time outside gardening or having a cup of coffee on the porch in the mornings, she would love to join you. She is the perfect companion for someone who works from home and wants a chill companion to spend time with them as they work during the day.

Thalia is dog and kid friendly, but has not yet been introduced to cats yet. She prefers to be around dogs that are similar in energy level and temperament, but is patient and tolerant of younger, higher energy pups. She is currently in a foster home with small puppies and large dogs that range in age from 12 weeks old to 10 years old. She really loves to spend time with the older male dog in the home, but will play with the 1 year old female dog and the puppies from time to time before she goes back to doing her own thing. When it comes to humans, Thalia can be a little shy at first when meeting someone new, but it doesn't take her long to open up and show them how sweet she is. She will always accept affection from new humans, but usually will just hang back observing them until they invite her over for some affection. When a new person walks up to greet her, she happily accepts ear scratches and head pats. If they don't interact with her, she's fine with that too and will just relax on her dog bed instead. She is very gentle with children and does great with the three human kids in her foster home, but she really would love to have a lower energy forever home with older kids or the occasional visit from younger kids if her forever family has grandkids that come visit. She has not been introduced to kitties, but due to her love for chasing squirrels and rabbits, it is recommended that there be no kitties in her forever home to be on the safe side.

Thalia is potty trained, leash trained, and kennel trained. She will sleep in a kennel if she has to, but she's perfectly fine being left out to sleep on the couch or dog bed at night. She is not destructive when left out of the kennel and is allowed to free roam while her foster humans are at work during the day. When they come home from work, she's usually fast asleep on the couch, dog bed, or on the stairs with the older resident dog. She does not have any accidents inside and will communicate when she needs to potty by sitting by the backdoor. She walks well on a leash, but she isn't a big fan of going on long hiking adventures so shorter, leisurely walks around the neighborhood are perfect for her. Thalia's ideal home environment would be a calmer environment and a house with a fenced in backyard. She would do well in a condo or townhouse that has a yard for her to sunbathe in, too. She would be fine being the only dog in the home or there is another laid back, lower energy dog in the home that she can spend time lounging around and cuddling with.

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