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Adoptable LAPP Dogs

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Kamil is an adorable 9 week old terrier mix who weighs just 8 pounds. She is expected to be around 45-50 pounds full grown. She is quite outgoing and loves to play. She is always up to go where you're going. She really loves to explore new things and be with the people she loves. While she is always up for fun, she is at the same time always up to cuddle and lounge around. She especially loves nice comfy dog beds with a couple of soft blankets to burrow herself in. She will get her favorite toy and make herself comfortable on her bed. She really loves her humans, and her favorite spot to nap is on your lap while you watch tv.

Kamil is low to medium energy. She will require some daily exercise, such as walks around the block or exploring nature trails. She would also be happy to join in on longer weekend activities outdoors, like hiking or splashing around at a lake or river. She is easily entertained with toys, and she loves to have a lot of toys and stuffed animals around to choose from. Anything that squeaks or crinkles are her favorite to play with. Her ideal family would be a good mix of active and laid back, and that would love to take her on adventures and outings with the family.

Kamil is dog, cat, and kid friendly. She is very outgoing and loves everyone she meets. She loves to interact with the foster family's dogs. She loves them all, both big and small. She even loves the dog-friendly cat in the home and is very gentle with the cats in general. Because of her gentle nature, we know this sweet, cuddly girl would be a great fit for a family with children of all ages and she would love to have some little humans to shower with affection.

Kamil is kennel and playpen trained. She is potty pad trained and is doing great with learning her potty schedule now that she has transitioned to going outside. She will need to have a structured schedule in her forever home to help her continue to excel in her outside potty training. She will still need work on leash training once she goes to her forever home. She would love to have family that will take her on lots of fun outings where she could explore the outdoors before going back home to cuddle and snuggle on the couch. Her ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard that she can run around and play in. She would do well in an apartment, townhouse or condo as long as she gets a couple of walks or exercise sessions each day as she grows.

Kamil cannot be adopted in Canada at this time due to her age. She will have a $200 REFUNDABLE spay deposit on top of her adoption and transport fee.


Rosa is a sweet, laid back 4-5 year old pittie mix that weighs 50 lbs. She is a petite pup that won't get any bigger than her current size. She is social butterfly that loves everyone she meets. Her favorite thing in the world to do is cuddle on the couch with her human and take long naps. Despite her size, she thinks she's a lap dog and will crawl up gently on your lap to get extra cuddles in every chance she gets. She can be very independent and keep herself entertained, so if you work from home, she's the perfect pup because she will be perfectly happy lying on a dog bed next to you while you work. She won't demand attention from you, but really just loves to be near her human so she will follow you around from room to room and patiently wait until you give her some affection. She is also very polite and does not jump on people/furniture, and will only come up on the couch when she's invited.

Rosa is low energy, and she really is the epitome of a couch potato. She is happy to take leisurely walks around the neighborhood when the weather is nice, but would prefer not to go on walks when it is hot outside. She would much rather nap on the couch in the air conditioning than go on hikes or other outdoor adventures. She does get the occasional zoomies when she is excited and will dance when she is ready for a treat, but otherwise, she is very calm, cool, and collected. She doesn't require a lot of exercise, but does enjoy sunbathing outside on the porch or near a window inside with some sunlight coming through. She can also be easily entertained with puzzle games that involved food or treats.

Rosa is dog, cat, and kid friendly. She has been around small, medium and large dogs, and does great with them all. She doesn't need to have another dog in the home, but would be perfectly happy with another dog that matches her energy level. She loves little dogs the most and gets on their level on the ground to play. She would prefer slow intros with larger dogs, but once she realizes that they aren't going to be rough and knock her over, she's happy to be their friend. She doesn't care about cats at all, and will just look at them when they walk by her. She loves kids so much and just wants to shower them with affection. She would be great with kids of any age because she is so calm and gentle. The more hands in the house to give her belly rubs, the better!

Rosa is kennel, potty and leash trained. She sleeps in her crate with the door open allowing her to go in and out as she pleases. She also has no issues staying out of the kennel when she's left alone and is not destructive, but she likes having the kennel door open for when she wants her safe space to go nap in. She is very food motivated and will give you her full attention during training time when it involves food/treats. Her ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard that she can sunbathe in, but she would do well in an apartment, townhouse or condo as long as she gets access to some sunshine on the porch or through well-lit windows. She would prefer not to walk up a bunch of stairs, but would be fine going up one flight of stairs if needed.

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