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Adoptable LAPP Dogs

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Gemma is a sweet, loving 3 - 4 year old house hippo that weighs 85 lbs. If you're looking for a beautiful girl to take long walks on the beach with and then snuggle up on the couch after for some cuddles, Gemma is your girl. She is a total love bug who is affectionate, cuddly, and attentive to her humans. She will be your shadow, and is the best companion for someone who wants a snuggly, cuddly couch potato. Her favorite thing in the world is snuggling up on the couch surrounded by soft blankets and her stuffed animals. This laid back girl can almost always be found carrying around a stuffed animal in her mouth while she is patiently waiting for her human to settle in with her for snuggles. She will even join you in the bathroom while you shower, and may get her stuffed animal wet while she is peeking her head around the shower curtain waiting for you to invite her in for her own bath next. Yes - this funny girl loves to take baths and loves water, so she would love to have a puppy pool in her forever home that she can splash and play around in, or just some simple walks on the beach or at the river will make her happy.

Gemma is the true definition of a couch potato, but she is happy to join her human on outdoor activities if that's what they want to do, too. She may require a couple of leisurely, short daily walks or a little bit of playtime in the backyard with her toys, but for the most part, you can find this house hippo snuggled up inside with her comfy blankets and playing with her stuffed animals on a soft rug on the floor. She enjoys a good game of tug-o-war while she is lying down on her dog bed, so you don't even have to go outside to play this fun game with her. She's not a big fan of hot weather and would prefer to stay inside in the air conditioning when the temperature gets high in the summers, unless you take her to a body of water to play in of course. If outside play time is required in the summers, then she would love to have a puppy pool to cool off in after she plays.

Gemma is kennel trained, potty trained and leash trained. She would prefer to sleep on the couch or in bed with her human at night, but is fine sleeping in her kennel as long as she has some soft, comfy blankets and a couple of her stuffed animals with her. She does amazing walking on a leash, but can pull a bit when she sees another dog she wants to say hello to or if there's a squirrel she wants to go check out. She is very well behaved in public and when meeting new people on a leash when she's out on her leisurely walks. She will let you know when she needs to go outside to potty by tapping her feet by the backdoor, and hasn't had a single accident in her foster home.

Gemma is dog and kid friendly. She absolutely loves all dogs that she meets. She is in a foster home with a chow chow and a Pomeranian. She is very gentle with the smaller dog and enjoys playing with the chow, who is closer to her size, but is smaller than Gemma. When she goes to the vet, she always has to say hello to all the other dogs while she is in the waiting room, and responds appropriately when they communicate that they do not want to be her friend. She hasn't been formally introduced to cats, but shows a little too much interest in them when she sees them on walks, so it is recommended that she not be in a home with a kitty. She would be a great dog to join a family with kids of all ages. She is very loving and even tempered. She has no issues sharing food or toys, and doesn't mind having her tail, ears, or paws touched. In fact, she would love to have some kiddos to give her some extra belly rubs and ear scratches. She even lets her foster mom use her as a pillow when they are laying on the couch watching tv and relaxing. Her ideal home environment would be a home where she can spend as much time with her humans as possible. She doesn't mind if she is in a house with a fenced in backyard or if she is in an apartment, townhouse or condo either. She's very flexible and easily acclimates into new environments.
Maxwell is a playful, fun-loving 1 year old mixed breed handsome pup that weighs 55 lbs. He is a big cuddle bug and finds every chance to curl up on the couch with his human. This social boy doesn't know a stranger. He loves everyone he meets and wants to greet every new human with a happy tail wag and licks on the hand. He even loves meeting new dogs and initiates play time immediately by going into a play bow then bouncing to start a game of doggy tag. He is always up for an adventure and would be a great companion for someone who enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking or exploring nature trails. His favorite part of the day is when he gets to go on walks around the neighborhood because he is very curious and loves to smell all the new smells he comes across. When his walks are over, you can find him curled up on the couch waiting for some cuddles or entertaining himself with his dog toys. Looking for a handsome guy that not only has the looks, but has a great personality, too? Well look no further - Maxwell is the pup for you!

Maxwell is medium energy, so he pretty mellow with short bursts of energy that can be easily burned with walks around the neighborhood or play time with his favorite toys. Once he is done with his exercise sessions, he is a major couch potato that enjoys snoring away and cuddling with his human on the couch. He would be the perfect pup for someone who is a good mix of active and laid back. Want to go on fun adventures exploring nature or hiking on the weekend? Maxwell is up for that. Want to have a lazy day snuggling on the couch? Maxwell is up for that, too. He would love to have a big toy box full of dog toys in his forever home, and this is a great way to keep him busy when you're working from home. He loves to play with all types of toys, like tennis balls, stuffed animals, Nylabone chew toys, and even loves playing with his kitty foster siblings' flirt poles.

Maxwell is dog, cat and kid friendly. He would love to have a doggy friend in his forever home that he can run around and play with, but would be perfectly content being the only dog in the home. He is currently in a foster home with multiple kitties and he loves to play with them (and he really loves their cat toys because those kitty flirt poles are really fun to chase around). He respects their boundaries when they swat him away to say they don't want to play with him and will find a toy to play with instead. His super playful, sweet, cuddly temperament is perfect for a family with children that can run around and play with him in the backyard. His happy wiggle butt may knock over smaller, toddler-aged children, so it is recommended that he go to a forever home with kids who are a little older and that can run around playing with him in the backyard. He loves everyone he meets and would love to have some kids in his forever home to cuddle and play with.

Maxwell is kennel trained, potty trained, and leash trained. He doesn't mind sleeping in his kennel at night, and will even go nap in there during the day on his own when he tired. He would love to snuggle in bed and sleep with his human at night once he is in his forever home, but will be perfectly content with a comfy dog bed next to his human's bed. He enjoys going on walks, but sometimes can pull when he gets really excited. He is easily redirected with treats that his foster mom brings on their walks so when he starts getting excited about meeting a new doggy friend, she will ask him to sit and reward him with a treat. His gentlemanly manners really shine when there is food involved. His ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard that he can run around and play in. He would be fine being the only dog in the home as long as he gets plenty of outside playtime and exercise, and would love to have a human that he gets to spend lots of time with. He would do well in an apartment, townhouse or condo as long as he gets multiple exercise sessions per day. He is currently in a foster home in an apartment and does great (and no neighbor complaints either).

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Kori is a sweet, affectionate 4.5 month old terrier mix that weighs 33 lbs. She is estimated to be around 65-70 lbs once she is full grown. She is laid back, social, and a major cuddle bug. She acts like she is reserved at first when meeting new humans, but she warms up quickly and will be in your lap giving sweet puppy kisses in less than a minute. I guess you can say she's more polite than your average puppy since she waits for you to invite her over before she smothers you with affection. She is welcomes hugs and kisses anytime she can get them! Her favorite things to do besides cuddling with her humans are playing with her furry friends. She makes fast friends with dogs as she is very submissive and waits for them to initiate playtime before she shows off how silly and playful she can be. She is also very curious, and loves to sniff around and investigate everything around her.

Kori is low to medium energy and requires short exercise sessions or playtime in the backyard a couple of times a day. Her short spurts of energy are easily burned and before you know it, she is cuddled up right back on the couch for nap time. This mellow girl loves to play with her toys and can easily keep herself entertained. She is the perfect companion for someone who works from home as she will quietly play while you're working. When she goes outside to play in the yard, she will bring a toy over to play tug-o-war if none of her furry friends feel like playing with her. She is quick to catch onto routines and is loving learning new training tricks with her foster mom, so a great way to work her little brain is by giving her a puzzle game or working on teaching new commands. Her ideal family would be laid back and easy going, that enjoys some leisurely outdoor activities and lots of cuddling on the couch.

Kori is dog, cat and kid friendly. She does well with dogs of all ages and sizes, and has done great with dogs ranging in age from puppy to senior. She loves playing with the older small dog in her foster home and is very gentle when they are playing a game of chase. She is very curious and smart, and loves to watch and learn from the older dogs in her foster home. She is more submissive, so when she is corrected by the older dogs, she responds with averting her attention and walking away. She would love to have another dog in her forever home that she can play with and continue learning from as she grows, but she is perfectly fine being a solo dog in the home as long as she gets plenty of time with her human and gets to have puppy play dates to continue her socialization skills as she gets older. She is curious to meet kitties, but would require slow introductions if there is a kitty in her forever home because she is very affectionate and the kitty may not appreciate her puppy kisses. Her sweet, silly, playful temperament makes her the perfect pup to join a family with kids of all ages. She would love to have some human kids in her forever home to play and cuddle with.

Kori is kennel trained, and is currently working on mastering her potty training skills. She has done great with transitioning outside and as long as she gets frequent potty breaks, she will not have an accident inside. She currently sleeps in a kennel setup at night, but she would love to sleep with her human once she gets older. She will need help perfecting her leash training once she is in her forever home. Right now, she just gets so excited to go on walks and wants to stop to sniff everything, and also stop and say "hello" to everyone who passes by. Her ideal home environment would be a house with a fenced in backyard that she can run around and play in. She would do well in an apartment, townhouse or condo as long as she has a human home majority of the day to continue working on her potty training and leash training, and can take her out for a few short exercise sessions per day.

Kori will have a $200 refundable spay deposit added onto her adoption and transport fees because she is too young to be spayed at this time. She cannot be adopted into Canada at this time because of her age.

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