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Adoptable LAPP Dogs

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Precious is a 6 year old, 78 lb. major couch potato. She is believed to be a Plott Hound mix. She loves to keep her human company on the couch, playing with her furry foster brother, and people watching from the yard as they walk by on the sidewalks. Her foster mom says that if Precious was a human, you'd most likely find her at the mall, sitting on a bench, and people watching on the weekends. She loves her toys and just carries them in her mouth while she walks around the house and backyard. You can usually find her sprawled out on the couch or dog bed napping throughout the day with a toy still in her mouth. If you're looking for a laid back, low energy, friendly pup to keep you company all day - Precious is your girl.

Precious is dog friendly and kid friendly. She loves every dog she meets and really loves every human she meets, too. She will lay her head in your lap and stare at you longingly until you give her a scratch behind the ears, then she will invite herself up on the couch next to you for some extra cuddles. When her human isn't around, she will curl up next to her furry friends and take a quick snooze until you come back. She is not a big fan of cats, so no kitties in her forever home please.

Precious is potty trained, leash trained and kennel trained. Although she's okay with sleeping in a kennel at night, she'd much rather sleep in bed with her humans or on a dog bed nearby. She is not destructive when she is left out alone, so if you work out of the home during the day, she will be perfectly content napping on the couch until you get home. She would do well in pretty much any home environment. Whether you live in a house with a fenced in backyard, or an apartment, condo or townhouse where she will need to go on a few short walks per day - Precious would do great in any of them. She's an easy going girl that acclimates easily into her environment.

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Captain (aka Capi) is a 3 year old mixed breed pup with the most beautiful blue eyes. A few vets have guessed he may be a mix of labrador retriever, pointer, and/or possibly Catahoula. We really don't know what he is mixed with but what we do know is that he is a 70 lb. big hunk of love. His foster mom says "I know everyone's idea of the perfect dog is different, but Capi is close to that perfect dog for me". He is a big, snuggly, cuddly boy that would love to spend time curled up on the couch with his human. He's not much into giving wet, slobbery kisses so you get the cuddles without having to worry about him sneaking a lick in when you're not expecting it. He is low to medium energy, so he is perfectly content having a few longer exercise sessions per week, like hiking or walking on nature trails, but he's also perfectly content getting a quick game of fetch in before snuggling up for some cuddle time. 

Captain is kid, dog and cat friendly. He does really well with his foster mom's grandsons, who are 7, 9 and 18 years old, and would love to have some kids in his forever home that he can play and cuddle with. The more hands for belly rubs, the better! He also loves his furry foster sister, who is a senior Staffy mix, and knows how to respect her boundaries when she's not in the mood to play with him. He has been introduced to cats and other dogs, and he really doesn't pay attention to them when out on walks with his foster mom. 

Captain is leash trained, potty trained and kennel trained. He sleeps on the couch or on his dog bed at night. He is very well behaved when left out of the kennel and is not destructive.  He knows his "sit, stay, down and no" commands. He is very food motivated, which makes him very easy to train.  When he is playing his favorite game of fetch and he is done, he will bring the ball back towards you and drop it just out of your reach to signal it's time to go inside. He also has a dog door in his foster home, so whenever he needs to potty, he will take himself outside to do his business and come back in when he's done. His foster mom says his only quirk is that he bites at the water coming out of the water hose, this makes a bath in the backyard a bit tricky. She will usually take him to the outdoor dog washes that they have at pet stores, and he does fine.  He also loves going to the groomer and getting pampered with nail trims.

Captain does need some work when it comes to jumping on visitors when they are walking into the house, but his foster mom said that it helps to exercise him before you know guests are visiting so he won't get as excited to say hello to them as they walk in the door, or just put up a baby gate and let Captain's excitement simmer before letting him join everyone. He really isn't a fan of lawnmowers mowing his grass in the backyard, so his foster mom just closes the doggy door when she mows and he will just watch out the window calmly.

Captain's ideal home would be with a family that loves to spend time outdoors and going on adventures hiking, camping, and exploring nature. He would love to have a home with a fenced in yard that he can run and play fetch in, but he would do well in an apartment, condo or townhouse as long as he gets daily exercise outside. He would love to have a female dog companion in the home as he really loves his furry foster sister, but would be okay being the only dog in the home as long as he gets to spend lots of time with his humans.

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Wyatt is a 2 year old old wirehair terrier mix that weighs 18 lbs. He is a mixed breed pup, so we cannot guarantee that he will not shed nor that he will not cause allergies for people allergic to pet dander/fur.

Wyatt is a sweet, silly little guy full of so much love and so many cuddles to give. He really loves to snuggle up in your arms, run around with his puppy friends, and play fetch - although he isn't the best at bringing the ball back yet, he will chase it and then shake it with excitement when he catches it. He loves to go swimming in the puppy pool at his foster home, and really loves to roll around and play in the leaves. He can be a little bit shy when meeting someone new, but quickly warms up once you share a treat with him. His favorite toys are stuffed animals and toys that crinkle, but he's really not a big fan of those loud squeaker toys.

Wyatt loves kids, cats, and other dogs. He takes on the big brother role to his furry foster brother and always checks to make sure he's okay when they are running around playing in the backyard. He does well with the older kids in his foster home, but because he can be a bit shy, we recommend no young children as he is not a big fan of being touched too much around his ears or neck and needs to be in a home with people who understand his boundaries. He will not bite or nip, but he gets extremely nervous and wants to get away and hide whenever you mess with his neck area too much for his comfort. In his temporary foster home, he did allow pets and neck scratches, but was not comfortable getting brushed to get the mats out from behind his ears.

Wyatt is medium energy, so he would do well with a few short play sessions per day either inside or outside in a fenced in yard. He is kennel trained and potty trained. Whenever he needs to go outside to potty, he will whine to let you know. He is still working on mastering leash training, so he will need some help with this when he goes to his forever home. Because he is a little weary of being touched around his neck and is a bit uncomfortable wearing a leash, we recommend no apartments, condos, or townhomes where he will not have a fenced in yard play and potty in. With time, patience, and trust we hope that Wyatt learns that he can trust people to touch his neck and that leashes aren't that scary after all.


Portia is a 30 lb. sassy, sweet little microbully that is around 2.5 years old. Although her formal name is Portia, she has the nickname Piggy because she snorts when she gets really excited, and this girl is always excited. She is super lovable and playful, and loves to cuddle and give kisses.  This pocket sized little bully is very high energy, but she cannot run around or jump on things because of her little legs and bigger body, so she will need very structured energy burning activities to ensure she doesn't hurt herself. She loves puzzle games, stuffed Kong treats, and throwing her own toys up in the air and chasing them inside. She would be okay with a couple of short walks per day, but no hiking the mountains or running on this beach for this girl. 

Portia is super kid friendly and loves most dogs. We recommend that very slow intros are done if introducing Portia into a home with existing dogs, but she would be perfectly happy being the only fur-child in the home. No kitties please as she is not a big fan of them. She is leash trained and crate trained, but not potty trained. With a structured schedule and a human that's willing to go outside with her while she does her business, we know she will pick up on it in no time. Ideally she would do best with a low energy, laid back family that is willing to help her master potty training and being an overall good girl. She tends to tear things up if you leave her unattended for periods of time, so she does have to be kenneled when you leave the house or if you're not able to keep an eye on her while at home. 

Portia would love to have a new mom or dad that works from home and can spend lots of time with her. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle with her human every chance she gets. She would do well in an apartment, condo or townhouse as long as there are not stairs that she will have to go up and down. She would also do great in a house with a fenced in backyard, but her outside time must be monitored to ensure she doesn't run too hard and hurt her little legs. 

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