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Fostering FAQ

Love And Puppy Paws Dog Rescue always needs more reliable, committed fosters to be able to save more dogs. We can only rescue dogs when we have fosters available to provide a temporary home for the pups in our care until they leave for their forever homes.

Being a foster does require a commitment to the dog(s) you take in. There are so many great things that come from fostering. You are saving a life each time you help foster a pup in need. You get to teach them what love, affection, and living as part of a family feels like. You are responsible for setting them up for success before they find their forever families, and you also get to be involved in the selection and interview process for your pups' new human parents.


Requirements for fostering:


Live in Austin, Corpus Christi, or surrounding areas

Submit a foster application on our website


Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment

Provide pup with exercise, socialization, and a little bit of basic training

(such as potty training or leash training)

Monitor for physical and mental wellbeing

Transport to and from any necessary vet appointments

(we will do our best to set up the appointment based on your availability)

Provide updates and pictures to our LAPP Dog Rescue directors so we may learn more about the personality and behaviors of your foster pup. This will assist us in finding the perfect forever family for them. When your LAPP Dog foster is ready to be adopted, you will need to complete a bio form that requires information about the LAPP Dog so we can build their bio for their adoption profiles.

Be able to commit to fostering the dog(s) until they are adopted and leave to their forever families. 


Remember - we do not have a shelter facility, so we have no where for the pup to go if a foster commitment falls through. Our LAPP Dogs do not deserve to sit in boarding alone and scared, and our fosters and directors have their own personal pets and foster pups so we may not have space to move them somewhere new right away.

What you can expect from our LAPP Dog Rescue when you choose to foster:


Supplies for each dog (kennel, food, collar, leash, and other items such as toys and treats if any have been donated). Foster parents willing to provide these supplies themselves will be helping the program out immensely.

Vet care - we have vets across Corpus Christi, Austin, and San Antonio for medical assistance, heartworm treatment, check-ups, vaccinations and spaying/neutering. We pay the vets directly so you do not have to worry about paying for any exams, treatments or medications yourself and requesting a reimbursement.

Assistance with any training or behavior issues that you may not be familiar with. We have trainers and behaviorists in Corpus Christi and Austin, and some even do virtual training sessions if needed.

Responsive communication from LAPP Dog Rescue directors. We will loop you into a group text message with our directors so if you need anything at all, you can just shoot us a text and one of our directors will be able to assist you.

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