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Found a Stray Animal
Before you try to find a new home for a lost dog that you found, please make sure that you make every possible effort to find the dog’s original family and follow the legal requirements.

“Think Lost, Not Stray”
Accidents happen, and dogs get loose sometimes. A lost dog that is skinny, dirty, or injured may have become that way during the time that it was running loose. Lost dogs are often frightened or skittish. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog was abused or neglected.
Steps to take:

1. Post pictures of the dog and where it was found on lost & found pet Facebook pages.

2. Contact Pawboost to report the dog.

3. If the dog has a city rabies tag, contact the vet clinic that issued the tag.

4. Take the dog to a vet clinic and scan for microchip (this is free to do at any clinic).

5. Report to your local animal control. If they have room, you can leave the dog in their possession.
After all avenues have been exhausted to reunite the dog with their original owner and you are able to foster the dog until it is adopted, you can fill out a LAPP Dog foster form and we can help find a new home for them once they are fully vetted. 
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