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Love And Puppy Paws Dog Rescue is committed to providing resources and education to help decrease the overpopulation of strays in Texas.
Although we love all of the LAPP Dog puppies that have come into our rescue, we know that by spaying or neutering your dogs, you are not only reducing the number of unwanted litters, but there are some benefits for increasing your dog's quality of life.

  • Spayed/neutered animals live an average of two to three years longer than other pets.

  • Spayed and neutered pets will never develop testicular, uterine, or ovarian cancers.

  • Spaying and neutering pets reduces undesirable behaviors, such as marking with urine in dogs.

  • Pets tend to have fewer aggression-related behavior problems after being surgically sterilized.


Resources for Rehoming Your Dog

Love And Puppy Paws is a foster-based rescue, which means we can only accept dogs into our rescue if we have space in a foster home or if you are able to foster until the dog is adopted.


We do not have a facility to intake animals into like a standard shelter environment, which means we assess which dogs we will be able to accept into our rescue on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to take cats or kittens into our rescue at this time. 

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