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Katelyn Reckaway, Co-Founder and Director
Katelyn grew up rescuing animals with her mom, and always had a variety of different rescue animals in her life from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even a chinchilla. Her educational background is in business management and accounting, however, rescue is her true passion in life. 

Katelyn moved from Austin to Corpus Christi to pursue her Masters degree in 2018 and noticed how many stray dogs were being dumped in her neighborhood and at her workplace. She began taking them into her home, vetting them and adopting them out locally. However, she realized that she could not do this alone or make a significant impact without joining forces with a formal rescue. She first got involved as a foster for a couple of local Corpus Christi rescues in 2018, and then grew into a role on the board of directors for one of those rescues where she made an impressionable impact by fostering, rehabilitating, and finding forever homes for many dogs and puppies over the years. 

Katelyn has since moved back to Austin and continues to rescue dogs out of South Texas. Her goal is to provide more resources and education, and assist with improving local ordinances to decrease the number of stray, abandoned, abused, and unwanted dogs in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

Katelyn has adopted and fostered dogs from all walks of life, including seniors, medical cases, behavioral cases, ferals, and bottle babies. She is an advocate for misunderstood breeds and actively promotes them as being wonderful furry family members for those looking to adopt. She is not only a pittie momma, but also adopted chihuahuas and a poodle to join her family over the years. 
Desiree Galvan, Co-Founder and Director
Desiree grew up with animals and that's where her passion for working with them came from. All of her life she loved animals so much, and knew she wanted to work with them in some way or form. She took most of her dogs in from being stray and neglected puppies from the time she moved to Corpus Christi in 2012, and that's when she realized how many stray dogs were out there that still needed help. Soon after taking in her last abandoned puppy, Bessie, she realized she needed to help in a bigger way.

That's when Desiree started fostering in 2017 for a formal rescue organization. Desiree knew
 her dogs got so lucky to have her and her husband be able to rescue them and provide them with a forever home, so she wanted other dogs to experience that, too. She knew couldn't save them and keep them all, so fostering was a way for her to take in dogs that needed a safe place to go and she was able to take a significant role in getting them healthy, socialized, and vetted before they went to their forever home. 

Desiree's plan is to continue helping as many pups meet their forever families and live a wonderful life. She wants to make sure that they will never have to feel unloved and neglected again, and knew that she was meant to make a bigger impact in the rescue world. Her focus is not only on saving abandoned and neglected stray dogs, but her goal is to make an impact by providing more education and resources to citizens regarding the importance of spaying and neutering their dogs in an effort to prevent more unwanted litters and prevent the needless suffering of so many.

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