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Recommended Supplies

Collars, Leashes, Travel Supplies:

Martingale collars:

Harness: (front clip, no pull harness) (front clip, no pull harness with handle)

ID Tags:

Leash:   (Slip lead)  (Slip lead) (15 ft. for training) (30 ft. for training)

Car safety products: (dog seatbelt) (harness and seatbelt) (car seat) (portable kennel) (backseat extender)

Travel supplies: (backpack with supplies) (travel playpen) (wet wipes) (wet wipes) (water bottle) (Paw cleaner)

Dog beds and kennels:


Kennels: (30 inch, small dogs) (36 inch, medium dogs) (42 inch, large dogs)


Dog beds: (Small dogs) (Medium dogs) (Large dogs)

Food and treats:

Dog food:  (Adult) (Adult) (Adult) (Adult) (Puppy) (Puppy) (Puppy) (Puppy)


Meal toppers:

Training (high value) treats: 

Just because treats:

Long lasting chews: 



Hip and Joint: (large dogs) (small/medium dogs)

Probiotic (gut health):

Skin and coat:

Calming: (Snuggle puppy with heartbeat and heating pad)

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